ANSONIA Credit Reports

Ansonia's cornerstone product, are the reliable, low-priced solution for businesses looking to make more informed decisions about whether a customer or prospect is a worthy credit risk. Company owners and credit managers rely on the valuable days-to-pay information, analytics and technology of our business reports to gain a variety of fresh perspectives they won't find using traditional vendors.

Report Highlights

  • Easy-to-read, concise credit information.
  • Real-time, continuously updated data.
  • Original data contributed directly from creditors and the government.
  • Information configurable to any requirements.
  • Global database on companies of every size and industry.
  • Daily updates to 25 million account activities.
  • Exclusive, trend-based credit risk scores.
  • Payment trends tailored to show the last three, six, nine or 12 months.
  • No prepaid contracts or membership fees.
  • Access to a true community of credit professionals.
  • Everything You Need

    Many businesses find that Ansonia's core credit report is the only credit risk decisioning tool they need. Others turn to Ansonia Alert for automated email warnings about significant customer events, while customers in the transportation industry rely on Ansonia CarrierMonitor for alerts about insurance and authority status changes that could adversely affect their business. Ansonia Integrator provides for customized business insight through an advanced web services interface, while Ansonia Vigilante offers a fast and simple snapshot of an entire customer portfolio.

    Ansonia Credit Reports and Ansonia's other product offerings have helped customers avoid countless bad debt losses and collection expenses. Whether you are a small or large company, you can count on Ansonia to help you make the most advantageous credit and collection decisions.

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