Early Warning System

Wouldn't it be nice if we all had our own personal alert system to help avert life's troubles? In the credit reporting world, Ansonia Alert provides just that. Users who subscribe to our proprietary, flexible credit alert system receive early, automated email warnings about active customers' significant events that could impact their business.

User-contributed information is shared with other Ansonia members, who can select which credit, payment and collection alerts to view and who receives them. Alert fields and types also can be configured to the needs of different departments.

Key Alerts

*       Address as mail store

*       Bankruptcy filed

*       On cash terms

*       Credit hold

*       Fraud account

*       Judgment filed

*       Nonpayment complaint

*       Ownership change

*       Phone disconnected

*       Returned check

*       Skipped - no forwarding

*       Slow pay

*       Write-off

Customers rely on Ansonia Alerts to lessen their vulnerability and give them peace of mind. Whether our alerts prompt you to revise your collection strategy, reduce a debtor's credit limits or simply place them on a watch list to gauge credit-worthiness, they just might help avert a payment disaster that could break your business. It can be easily exported to an Excel or PDF document for further customization. Please call toll free: 855-ANSONIA (267-6642) to speak with one of our consultants about Ansonia Alert and other product offerings.

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