ANSONIA Integrator

In a world where smart companies share information to stay competitive, Ansonia Integrator provides instant, real-time access to the most trusted source of payment experience, risk scores, business data and more. Ansonia Credit Data's web services interface connects your company with our global database and allows you to select only the information you need for a customized, machine-readable, low-priced report.

Ansonia Integrator uses a proprietary Application Programming Interface, or API, to automatically integrate, or share, our credit data with your internal systems. With it, you can connect directly with Ansonia's global database to locate prospects and customers, and extract any of the data elements available in Ansonia Credit Reports.

Many Applications

*       Integrate Ansonia's credit experience data and ratings into your billing, collection or sales prospecting systems and other in-house software.

*       Incorporate complete credit reports into internal processes and reports.

*       Create a custom-formatted version of Ansonia's online credit report.

*       Attach Ansonia risk scores and credit ratings to your customer records and prospect lists.

*       Generate spreadsheets and other custom listings for use in credit risk and other internal decisioning processes.

Ansonia Integrator is easy to use for software developers familiar with standard web services protocols. Full technical documentation is provided to all authorized users.

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