ANSONIA CarrierMonitor

As the leading provider of affordable, high-quality credit reports, Ansonia understands that the transportation industry faces special challenges when monitoring for risk. Ansonia CarrierMonitor alerts customers instantly to changes in regulatory insurance and authority status, giving them peace of mind that the freight carriers they hire are fully licensed, insured - and safe.

It isn't always easy to know your freight carriers and brokers, and their actual business habits. Ansonia's automated email alerts will show you a customizable list of registered carriers and brokers whose FMCSA insurance status is expired or below DOT requirements, and whose authority status is inactive or revoked, indicating they may be unreliable, unable to pay or out of business.

First-hand Data

Unlike other credit report vendors, Ansonia uses only directly supplied government data rather than information provided by middlemen. As a result, you can trust Ansonia CarrierMonitor to provide the most timely and accurate due-diligence information available for managing problem customers, and avoiding collection issues and potential legal liability.

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