When it comes to offering business credit, the operating principle for today's smart companies is vigilance. As a leading provider of high-quality, low-priced business credit reports, Ansonia Credit Data offers credit and collection professionals Ansonia Vigilante, an unparalleled portfolio monitoring tool for guarding against bad credit risk and helping to preserve your company's hard-earned bottom line.

Key Benefits

*       Monitor entire portfolios. Vigilante provides a fast and simple snapshot of your entire customer portfolio using our unique combination of flexible selection criteria and database sorting technology. Vigilante features eight proprietary data points, or flags, that automatically scan debtor increases in days to pay, inquiries, alerts and other key payment trends across all industries and market segments. As your 24/7 "radar screen" for alerting you to accounts receivable trending changes and high-risk payment behavior, Vigilante will help you prioritize your portfolio to collect money faster, lower bad debt and streamline cash flow.

*       Save time and resources. Vigilante saves you time and personnel costs by replacing every tedious step of a manual credit risk evaluation process. Regular reports require that you sift through them, analyze for trending changes - and repeat the process every time you have a query. With Vigilante, you can simply define your own queries by name and save them. The same queries can run every time there's new data and distribute automatically to selected recipients as a clearly organized, easy-to-read Excel or PDF document. Portfolio results can be scheduled for monthly or quarterly delivery, depending on your preference.

Unlike conventional credit reports that force you to rely on outdated credit data, Vigilante combines the most timely business insight in the industry with the capability to detect adverse credit trends, and predict issues early and automatically. This helps customers realize significant cost savings that include less bad debt write-off, and lower labor and legal costs, deeply slashing your credit and collection costs. With Vigilante, you spend less time tracking existing accounts, and more time developing profitable new products and markets.

Protect what you already own. Use Ansonia Vigilante to monitor portfolios for an unlimited number of customers for an affordable, flat monthly fee. Call toll free: 855-ANSONIA (267-6642) to speak with one of our experienced consultants about Vigilante and arrange for a one-on-one demonstration.

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