Better Data for Your Critical Decisions

Ansonia Credit Data is the leading alternative to traditional providers of overpriced and outdated credit reports. With no set-up or annual fees, and no long-term contracts, Ansonia Credit Reports feature easy-to-read, real-time access to a global database on companies of every size, industry and market segment.

Whether used to screen new customers, monitor and score portfolios, or flag problem debtors through our member alert system, Ansonia credit reports empower businesses to make smarter, more confident payment and cash flow decisions at a price that won’t hurt their budget. Here are just some of the advantages:

*       Enjoy the freshest data available, updated in real time, 24/7.

*       Anticipate problems by monitoring trends in average days to pay.

*       Take advantage of our exclusive, trend-based credit risk score.

*       View payment trends over the last three, six, nine or 12 months.

*       Receive real-time negative-event notifications with Ansonia Alert.

*       Monitor entire account portfolios with Ansonia Vigilante.

*       Connect instantly with a global database using Ansonia Integrator.

*       Know your freight carriers better with Ansonia CarrierMonitor.

Additional Benefits

*       Take advantage of no prepaid contracts or membership fees.

*       Experience dramatic reductions in credit investigation costs.

*       Enjoy access to a true community of credit professionals.

*       Fast-track decisions on extending lines of credit.

Ansonia Rating is Among the Easiest to Understand

What does 12K32 mean? It simply means that a company shows an average monthly balance of $12,000 and pays their bill in 32 days. This easy way to determine if the company has experience with open credit also shows when you can expect them to pay. Rather than spend time creating your own rating matrix, our simple rating system tells you everything you need to know, when you need to know.


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